Sunday, September 18, 2011

Return to form (Maybe)

I haven't updated this thing since June. Time to get back to this.

My story "Last Meal", which is on the blog here, has been "acquired" by literary journal Barbaric Yawp and will appear in their November issue.

This is very exciting to me, because while I've been published before, it was mostly online publishing (and something published in a really crappy zombie anthology book that I'm not really proud of...), so this is my first "real" print publishing.

In the months since I've last posted I have become addicted to coffee, switched to new antidepressant medication that seems to be working better (fingers crossed), and struggled constantly to get my weight under control for my wedding--which is like, 40 days away (!). Also, my good friend Joe Tonzelli & I have written three young-adult horror novels that we are currently editing and planning on getting published (hopefully for one hundred billion dollars).

That's all for now, DUDES.

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