Sunday, October 2, 2011

Instagram with the First Day of October

Yesterday was the first day of October--my favorite month. In case you haven't realized it yet, I am a huge fan of Halloween--and also chilly weather. This October will be extra swell because I'm also getting married this month.

To celebrate the first day of the month of ghouls, Emily & I were out and about, going to Johnson's Corner Farm to buy pumpkins, pies and cider. And then it was off to Philadelphia to pick up my wedding ring.

And here are some Instagram pics from the day:

Fallen leaves--IT BEGINS.

Socks, the neighborhood cat, who we are pretty sure
secretly hooks up with our cat when we're
not home.

The brutal remains of a pumpkin scone.

Emily poses with deformed pumpkins.

I bought this little fellow.

Our basket of fall goods. The stuffed animal is a
tiny dog with a Dracula cape and fangs.

Mutant pumpkins.

Philadelphia City Hall.

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