Saturday, July 28, 2012


I’ve watched Lunopolis twice now, and I feel like watching it a third time.
What a world this is where I want to watch a movie called Lunopolis three times!
This is the tagline of Lunopolis: There are people on the moon, they’re from the future, and they’re running our government.
Right away you want to throw this into the rubbish bin. But Lunopolis is a surprisingly fun movie about people who live on the moon and control our government. It seems really cheesy, and at times it is. But it’s also well done, and even creepy at times. Who knew a movie about Moon Men could be creepy? Not me, or Tom Hanks, who LOVES the moon, could have predicted such a thing.
The movie makes fun of Scientology and it has a fucking flying car in it. And a time machine. Also a moon rock. 
There’s a scene where a character yells “You can stop the charade, we HAVE your moon rock!” and is being serious.
Also, everyone who was ever good at anything or famous, like Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Hitler or Frankenstein was from the Moon. 
Why aren’t you watching this right now? It’s on Netflix Instant. It has a really cool soundtrack that sounds a lot like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai. 
I give Lunopolis 4 out of 4 Moons.

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